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Welcome to our Hawaiian Studies Resource Page

Click on the link above to practice the songs you usually sing with Kumu Cuban
Join the Padlets below the storybooks and videos to jump on the "Kū Haʻaheo" and "ʻŌiwi e" singing challenge.
Featuring Storybooks
A story about a boy and his cousins who learned about sharing from a friendly shark. This story of aloha will surely touch your heart.

This story urges us to pay attention to the natural environment and to take only what we need.

       Featuring Videos (while playing, click on the bottom right square to see full screen)
Preschool to 2nd grade - Draw and color or paint your own picture of Pele and Namaka. Take a picture of it and post it on the Padlet at https://padlet.com/jcuban/pelenamaka
3rd to 5th grade - Watch this video, "Paʻa Ke Aupuni" carefully because there is going to be a live Kahoot.it challenge the afternoon of April 24. More information to come.
"Ku Haʻaheo" and "ʻŌiwi e" singing challenge
Aloha!  The fun challenge is that you will record a video of you singing "Ku Haʻaheo" and "ʻOiwi e".  There are 2 Padlets below.  You can do just one song or both.  You can also have your family sing with you if you want.  After you are done, you can double click anywhere on the Padlet screen so that you can post to upload your video.  If you want to do this the easiest way straight from your phone or iPad, get the "Padlet" app, sign up, then click "Join" in which you put in the website address or scan the QR code that will be right on top each Padlet.  Then when posting, click the "+", then the three dots ".....", then click "Film". On a computer or laptop, the website address will take you to a full screen.  You can click the arrow that is already posted to play the song to sing along with or not. Take the challenge and have fun.  Come back weekly to see everyoneʻs post.  

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