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Ms. Kainoa and Ms. Ching sure miss seeing the students each day and want to let everyone know that there are other ways to reach out to the school counselors, even though you aren't HERE in school right now. 
We think of you every day and miss you OH SO MUCH!! It really does break our hearts to not be able to see your faces everyday.
Together we will get through this!
Our email and phone numbers are listed below, so please, let us know if you need to talk to one of us. We will set up a time to either meet on Google Meets, WedEx, or to simply just talk through the phone. Much love and aloha to you all!

Does your child need to talk to someone? 
Aloha Parents and Families!
Are you looking for additional support for your child (emotionally, behaviorally, socially, Covid related, or other ways)?  Mountain View Elementary has counseling services available for your child that are safe and will accommodate your needs. 

Please complete this>> google form and someone will get back to you soon. Mahalo!

See more information at the bottom of this page regarding our school Behavioral Health Specialist and school Social Worker.

If you click on this brain or the words above, you will enter Ms. Kainoa and Ms. Ching's virtual office! 
There is EVERYTHING you could imagine in there...answers to all your questions and fun games, too! We DARE you to NOT click this brain....mwah-ah-ahhhh!

Brain Break with MVES Counselors

Read Aloud Video Books:

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New: Activity added below with printable 11 page packet called: Covid-19 Time Capsule. Create a memorable experience out of your current situation as a family.

Remember...the more MINDFUL we all are, the sooner we will all be back to our "normal" routines.

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It is so important to keep a routine during this time at home.  Here is an example you can follow to keep your body in tune and ready to learn.
7:00am Wake Up
            -change out of sleep clothes                                              
            -brush teeth & wash face with cool water or bathe if          
             you didn't the night before                                                  
 7:40am Breakfast
            -don't forget to clean your dishes and put away                  
             anything you took out in the kitchen for breakfast              
8:00am Morning Class on Google Meets
11:30 Lunch
2:00pm Mindful/Senses Activity
               -use 3 or more of your senses (listen, smell, taste, feel, 
               watch) take 10 minutes to just sit and let your brain       
               connect with your environment                                        
2:30pm Freetime
               -play a game with siblings, online game, play with family 
               -read aloud for 20 minutes                                               
               -reading to yourself out loud or to                                    
                a sibling/parent/guardian                                                 
4:00pm Afternoon Help/Chores
                -fold clothes, make the beds, put clothes away               
                 in correct areas, feed/clean animal                                 
                 areas, dust/vacuum/sweep, take out trash, recyclables,
                 clean a shelf of the refrigerator, yard work/gardening... 
5:00pm prepare dinner & dining area
6:00pm dinner
                -don't forget to clean your dishes and put away             
                  anything you took out in the kitchen for dinner             
7:00pm Journal, etc
                -Were you mindful today, how are you feeling, how is    
                  someone else feeling at home, did you do something  
                  to help out around the house, what is on your mind.    
7:15pm family time
8:00pm bed time

Click on the blue words above to hear Ms. Ching leading you with the Core Practice like we did each week in class last school year. 
Remember, we do this when we want to calm down our amygdala and be able to think more clearly!

Here is another breathing video you can follow:

My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing.

Go Noodle Fun!
Click here>> BUNNY BREATH
Bunny Breath is another fun video to help us calm our amygdalas! 

The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig

The Invisible Boy

Mindful Activities

Other helpful members of the Counseling Department

Behavior Health Spec. Ms. Rochell Wagner -
Behavior Health Spec. Mr. Matthew Homstad -
Social Worker Ms. Karla Yamanoha -

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