About Us

We are located approximately 15 miles from the town of Hilo and 15 miles from the Volcanoes National Park.  The Mountain View area is known for high rainfall and cooler temperatures.  Our school is part of Hawai'i Department of Education Kea'au/Ka'u/Pahoa complex.  Students in our school district come from the Volcano area down to Kurtistown and beyond.
Our school was founded in 1905 to serve primarily the children of the sugar plantation workers of Ola’a Sugar Company.  In 1932, the school was moved to its present site.  During World War II, the school was commandeered by the military for use as a hospital in 1941.  After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the school and gymnasium were converted to a 500 bed hospital in 1942.  Temporary barracks and houses were used to accommodate students while the military was in residence.  In 1946, the army moved to hospital and returned the school facilities.  In early years, our school had students through the 9th grade.
We have approximately 550 students on average and have around 45 teachers and 60 other staff members to support students.  We serve students from Pre-School age through the Fifth Grade after which they transition to Kea’au Middle School in Kea’au.


We are a community of innovative lifelong learners striving toward excellence.


Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which we build a productive and successful community of learners with:

Respect (Hō`ihi)

We treat others the way we want to be treated. 

Responsibility (Kuleana)

We take care of ourselves, others, and the environment. 

Cooperation (Laulima)

We work well with others. 

Pride (Ha`aheo)

We feel good about the choices we make and the accomplishments we have achieved.

                        Ms. Wilma Roddy, Principal
                        Ms. Debbie Collins, Vice-Principal
                        Ms. Tiffany Pratt, Complex Academic Officer

        Kindergarten              1st Grade
        Ms. Andrea Stroescu               Ms. JulieAnn Hiramoto
        Ms. Kathy Chun                      Ms. Irene Barber             
        Ms. Kevyn Inouye                    Ms. Merry Kiyan
        Ms. Cathy Love                       Ms. Darla Mizuno
        Ms. Michelle Burge

       2nd Grade                  3rd Grade
        Mr. Brent Kiyan                       Mr. Erik Onishi
        Ms. Kerry Ogawa                     Ms.Lynnette Aki
        Ms. Tracie Kuniyuki                 Ms. Dana Ganigan
        Ms. Jenifer Tsuji                      Ms. Sharon Uehara
                                                       Ms. Tawnja Ching

        4th Grade                  5th Grade
        Mr. John Hu                             Ms.Halia Kai
       Ms. Charlotte Cabral                Mr. Chris Directo
       Ms. Karen Corbell                    Ms.Marilee Takaki 
       Ms. Natalie Poy                        Ms. Jaime Lewis
                                                      Ms. Deborah Wagner

        Pre-School                                 FSC
       Ms. Nanci Guartofierro              Ms. Sarah Costa
       Ms. Lynda Tarantino                 
       Ms. Linda Peters
       Mr. Daniel Slattery                       

                            School Support Staff
                Ms. Kainoa Arensdorf - Counselor       
                Ms. Marybeth Zepka - Student Support Services Coordinator                                                                                        Ms. Geneva Haleamau - Student Support Services Clerk     
                Ms. Jane Wells - Academic Curriculum Coach
                Ms. Mary Tamaru - Academic Curriculum Coach
                Ms. Cathy Lott - Academic RTI Coach
                Mr. John Cuban - Academic Technology Coach
             Ms. Kela Ili - Student Affairs Officer
            Ms. Ana Bingham - Reading Resource Teacher/ELL
            Mr. Kainoa Calip - PE Resource Teacher
           Ms. Gailey McGuire - Science Resource Teacher
                Ms. Doreen Uhlmann - Title 1 Clerk
             Ms. Kristina Erskine - Kamehameha Literacy Outreach
                Ms. Linda Molina - Kupuna
                 Ms. Wendy Davis - Parent/Community
           Ms. Uilani Gomes - Health Aide
            Ms. Zoe Shih - Health AP/RN
            Ms. Faith Nance - Speech          
                Ms. Franchael Laimana - Part-time teacher
                Ms. Marie Stumpf - Part time teacher
                Mr.  DeWaine Tollefsrud - Part-time teacher

Educational Assistants         Adult Supervisors
Ms. Heidi Castillo                    Ms. Taniya Batangan
Ms. Kathleen Frontino             Ms. Maggie Sucias
Ms. Melanie Ganir                   Ms. Darnell Haruguchi
Ms. Junedale Tavares              Ms. Heather Tillstrom
Ms. Catherine Victorine          Ms. Amber Wagner
Ms. Sharon Boyle                    Ms. Jacey-Lee DeLima
Ms. Linda Kahhooilihala          Ms. Ashley Ho'ohuli
Ms. Miriam-Anna Konanui      Ms. Maggie Kealaiki
                                              Ms. Moani Naholowaa
                                              Ms. Nicole Pagan
                                              Ms. Nisa Wooley-Pauline                                                    

Office Clerks                        Custodians
Ms. Davelyn Aniu                    Ms. Shezale Kanahele
Ms. Laryssa Liborio-Soares      Mr. Marvin Mattos
Ms. Loretta Pinnow                 Ms. Charity Grace
Ms. Iris Lau                             Mr. Ivan Ng
Ms. Sammy Walker                  Ms. Savannah Directo
                                               Mr. Kaulana Kanahele

                    Ms. Dolly Julian
                    Ms. Marie Andrade
                    Ms. Theresa Lee
                    Ms. Raynette McCabe-Tomori
                    Ms. Kelleen Dela Rosa
                    Ms. Tarsha Makuakane